Winter Relief Emergency Shelter

The Mission of Winter Relief

For our Guests: To keep those experiencing homelessness in the Baltimore/Annapolis corridor from freezing to death during the Winter months and to show them the Divine’s love in simple practical ways during our time together.

For our Volunteers: To share with them the blessing of a broader, deeper faith through serving society’s least, last, and lost.

Who We Serve

We serve approximately 60 homeless adult (18 years of age or older) men and women, depending on church size and limitations, throughout Anne Arundel County. All Program Participants must comply with all program policies, procedures, guidelines, and a daily breathalyzer test.

Contacting/Registering for Winter Relief

There is a waiting list to enter into Winter Relief. The following guidelines apply to the waiting list:

  • To get on the waiting list, an individual must come into the Day & Resource Center and sign up
  • An individual may also sign up by calling the Arundel House of Hope by calling (410) 863 – 4888 and leaving a message on the Winter Relief Ext.
    1. Call after 7:00 AM to leave a message on the Winter Relief Ext.
    2. When leaving a message, clearly state your name, and what time your are calling
    3. Clearly say that you would like to have your name put on the waiting list
    4. If you have adult family members coming with you, say their names as well (no one under 18 years of age may be sheltered in Winter Relief)
  • The waiting list is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • If you don’t get in one night, you can always call back or come in the following day
    1. The waiting list refreshes each night
    2. That means, the next morning, there is an all-new and empty waiting list

Winter Relief Contact Information

Program Director: Karen Biagiotti

For more information, please call (410) 863-4888 or email Karen Biagiotti

How Winter Relief Operates: Daily Operations

Nightly check-in is conducted at Arundel House of Hope’s Resource and Day Center in Glen Burnie at 514 North Crain Highway from 3:30- 4:00 pm.  Prior to the nightly check-in, guests must register at the Day & Resource Center for an intake in order to obtain basic personal information.

Guests may NOT go directly to the participating hosting facility. Instead, they must go through the intake procedure at The Day & Resource Center.

Participating religious facilities arrange for transportation from the Day & Resource Center to their hosting facility each evening.  The Arundel House of Hope provides all necessary supplies such as cots, bedding, paperwork, and other equipment.  The hosting facility provides the location, the sustenance, and the fellowship.

Each morning, the hosting facility returns the sheltering guests to the Day & Resource Center in Glen Burnie.

Winter Relief: The Story of a Season

Through an all volunteer effort, Winter Relief has operated as a seasonal Emergency Temporary Shelter since 1992. Hosted at different Anne Arundel County religious facilities each week from late October through April, the shelter is a safe and comfortable refuge for those experiencing homelessness throughout the coldest months of the year. Each facility provides services, meals, and spiritual guidance to the guests during their designated week. It is a unique opportunity for people in the community to reach out and share their blessings with those less fortunate. The 2008-2009 season saw record-breaking numbers of participants in the Winter Relief Program which now provides meals, limited case management, and other support services as needed for up to 60 men and women each night.

Seasonal Reports

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